Leica Mikie

Hi there if you stumble up on my profile by chance or on purpose just take several mins to have a glance through my provided info
Im looking for friendship and opening network But I may consider about
Have you ever think about a date in a restaurant or go out for coffee If yes then maybe we match
I also interested in travelling to some places near beach or mountainous area go for a short hiking to waterfall and enjoy the superb scenery
I also fond of arts go out for an art exhibition or music orchestra on the pavement of Hanoi would be an unforgettable memory
I like to immerse myself in a good piece of music as a way to enjoy my life
Do you speak more than just one language I am also curious about language and the culture that language comes from
Do you love animal Cat or Dog or Reptiles etc If yes welcome to my team Btw I may swipe right because of your pet just fall in love with fluffy doggo or catto speaking friends

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